Go Get Better Workshop

by Idalia Kulik, on 11 February 2024

King’s Centre, Norwich on 14th February 2024

Dom Davis is a Senior Developer currently working at Revelio Labs. He’s got almost a decade of Go experience, over 2 and a half decades of professional programming experience — and if you really wanted to take this further — around 4 decades of other programming experience (for the ultra-curious readers here, he started programming at the tender age of 11, when he accidentally stumbled upon this by trying to get something on his BBC Micro to work).

👩‍💻 What could you tell us about the upcoming “Go Get Better” Workshop?

Dom: It’s designed to teach existing developers Go. It’s essentially a conversion course that is ideal for intermediate- to senior-level devs who already understand the fundamentals of programming, as they would get the best value for this experience.

👩‍💻 What about the “logistics” of the Workshop?

Dom It’s an all-day workshop: 6-hours training course, with lunch- and caffeine-breaks provided, of course!

👩‍💻 Could you give us any more examples, insights or teasers?



I’ll be talking more in-depth about things like “What is go and what is it good for?”. For example you may know that Go is a procedural language, but you may not know about its concurrency model, or how its interfaces are implemented.


This is a very flexible course. There’s a solid structure underpinning it, but as there is so much to cover, people attending this workshop can actually choose which direction the course will go in.

Being an excerpt of a much more intense course I let the attendees choose what it is that we will be concentrating on and covering, thus shaping the workshop with the things that are important to them specifically.

The course itself has been tried and tested countless times, delivered worldwide to small firms, multinational giants, and government departments alike.

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