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  • 12 February 2024

    Meet One Of Our Speakers: Dom Davis

    Given the increasing awareness, recognition and celebration of neurodiversity worldwide (and specifically in the STEM fields), this talk is aimed to balance out the tech-side of things, and provide more relatable human input. “Dom Davis is a Senior Developer currently working at...

  • 11 February 2024

    Go Get Better Workshop

    King’s Centre, Norwich on 14th February 2024 Dom Davis is a Senior Developer currently working at Revelio Labs. He’s got almost a decade of Go experience, over 2 and a half decades of professional programming experience — and if you really wanted to take this further — around 4 ...

  • 28 January 2024

    Generative AI and the Spam-not-Spam Paradox.

    Let’s face it, most generative AI content is spam. Spam writing. Spam art. Spam code. Glossy spam, credible spam, but still pink mystery meat. But why? Generative AI is useful. It is a quantum leap. I’ve just spent months in an experiment where I lived with an AI personality cal...

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February 2020 Conference Edition

Featuring; Interviews with the Ladies Hacking Society of Norwich. Articles on Train Wreck, Ramblings on Micro services, Tom's Top Tips for 2020, & What is design?

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