nor(DEV): con 2022 Retrospective

by Alex Scotton, on 25 June 2022

What a conference! We're grateful to the sponsors & speakers. They make the conference possible and our thanks to all who attended for making it a welcoming, engaging, and rewarding event…

As you might expect, organising a conference the same year as we emerge from restrictions on events and gatherings has proved challenging with many uncertainties in the run-up. A shuffling of dates knocked around our timeline and added to those challenges until we settled on June. Rest assured we will be back in February for a cooler venue from next year.

In the post-conference haze, we recognised how energising and rewarding the conference has been for all. The feedback and excitement over the two days was fantastic. Whilst it can feel chaotic behind the scenes, we heard many commenting on the event being well organised, friendly and welcoming to those that are usually intimidated by crowds. It shows that the hard work is always worth it 🤗

I am perpetually proud that Norwich has such a friendly and supportive tech scene.


Two days for the community!

So many connections were made! Many in our community formed friendships over lockdown on our Discord, online socials, and events. This was the first time they met IRL and made the link between avatar and face!

The learning to be gained from the talks is interesting, but you can watch most of those on the internet. It’s the corridor conference which is the best part!

Dom Davis

People were making that important first step into the industry. Our scholarship program saw its most use in several years, with 32 tickets bought through the scheme. It enables students, and those with a low income to get either a free ticket or pay just £7 to attend both days and the social events surrounding the conference too! This program is operated on an honour basis, you need not apply and in 2023 we’re making it even easier too!

A packed Conference Room 2


We were overwhelmed with incredible tips & useful feedback in 2020, we listened, and in 2022 we used them. The speaker warning boards, the large signage, the smaller programme, and many many more...

This year, again, we’ve had some great advice and you can submit your own. It will guide some considerable changes next year, a priority is to enable more time to socialise and to give more time between talks and the schedule will be refreshed accordingly.

The plans for 2023

We’re excited and are already planning for 2023. Many of this year’s amazing sponsors have already confirmed their support for next year and we’ve some great ideas (more on that soon)! ❤️

In 2023, we return to our regular schedule, at the Kings Centre again. February, the 23rd & 24th. For a limited time, we're offering "Super" Super Early Bird tickets at 80% off the standard price.

We invite you to submit your talk on our Call for Papers. As a speaker; you get a free conference t-shirt featuring your name in the credits adorning the back, free tickets for you and a friend (which can be used to refund existing tickets), and your travel & accommodation expenses covered!

Thank you!

The Norfolk Developer's 2022 Conference Team