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by Celina Bledowska, on 20 May 2022

Tech investor, Akcela founder and Conference sponsor, James Adams, is rapidly gaining an awesome reputation on the Norwich tech scene. We talked to James about Akcela’s latest startup, Tech Educators.

Norwich has a lot of people with great ideas in terms of building a business but you need to back that up with the technical capability to achieve success.

Akcela is in this for the long term, and Tech Educators is a shining example of a successful startup.

Investing in tech

Award winning Akcela is a renowned local incubator that “supercharges businesses in the east of England.” Headed up by James Adams the business is making its mark across the county. The latest project, Tech Educators, offers an intense web 3 coding bootcamp that aims to get people started on a new career in the industry, as well as a whole host of other coding bootcamps.. As James himself says: “a career in tech can take you to all kinds of places.”

Grant money from big Web 3 companies, who are very interested in training, is a potential source of funding for Akcela. Also, US giant, Code Fellows, has partnered with Tech Educators to offer Full Stack training. Tech Educators is offered space by Akcela, and the courses on offer are exciting .

Learn to code - first steps

For example, Tech Educators is offering anyone in the UK “access to [our] one day or two evening 101 courses for free, instead of £99,” With this opportunity many who wouldn’t normally consider changing to a career in tech can at least dip their toe in the water and see if this is for them.

What makes Tech Educators different from many other start-ups is the support offered by Akcela. Mentors are on hand to guide and actively help with business plans and other types of essential advice. Being part of a wider community is just one of Akcela’s assets. Support from Polygon, Ethereum Foundation, and Nor (DEV): among others means that there is a very wide and knowledgeable cohort for Tech Educators to draw upon.


Tech Educators has already proven its worth with one of the March 2022, Web3 course graduates, Patrick, who has already landed a job with Boson Protocol. And another success story is Vatsavaye Pryatham Varma, who’s a web 3 coding bootcamp graduate who’s the new Tech Educators course director..

Looking to the future

James believes that by speaking about Web3 to corporations there’s potential for Akcela to be successful in raising funds, which in turn, means the incubator will be able to offer support to even more start-ups.

Talking to schools and offering a free one day course for students is another of James’ ideas. As he says, “the long term goal has to be a place where we can offer training to people from diverse backgrounds at true scale. To deliver that, we need an infrastructure of businesses ready to support new talent. That’s alongside our mentors, but it has to be a real commitment to supporting and nurturing talent. We need a pathway for people from job seekers to affordability, which is where the government steps in.”

“We’ve got the product, we’ve got the demand, we’re doing some awesome stuff, we’re spreading the word.”

To find out more about Tech Educators and the opportunities on offer, you could always start by learning how to code with its full stack MERN Bootcamp. Alternatively, should you wish to develop Web 3 skills, Tech Educators is the place for you.

Learn more when James Adams and Henry Hoffman give their talk on Web3 at the conference on 17 June.

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