Meet One Of Our Speakers: Fawaz Ghali

by Idalia Kulik, on 18 January 2024

Fawaz is one of the 2 speakers this year who will be giving 2 presentations over the 2 days of NorDevCon 2024 Naturally, we simply had to get some extra insight into what’s a-brewing (other than coffee, every devs unofficial sponsor).

After a quick leisurely stroll across our website (which we, naturally, encourage), you will see some fairly in-depth descriptions of both of Fawaz’s upcoming talks: “Beyond Logs: Real-Time Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning” & "Pizza Delivery in Motion: Real-time Pizza Delivery Service at Scale" that should give you a good feel of the situation, minus the spoilers…

That being said…

It wouldn't have been our (strikes out “pedantic” thrice) style not to delve further into the topic and get as much juicy detail and quirky bits of info to share with all of you before the talk; we've only concentrated on the "Pizza Delivery in Motion" talk in this interview (no doubt an intentional move on our part to arouse even more curiosity about the first talk!), so here are the results:

🍕What inspired you to choose this particular topic for your talk?

Fawaz: Most of us love pizza but what if you want to recommend specific starters for specific types of pizzas and enrich pizza orders with contextual data?

Join to learn about the combination of Real-time storage and computing to provide a unique synergy that enables applications to address real-time use cases at any scale.

🍕How would you say your talk would benefit the developers?

Fawaz: Applying real-time ML at scale using stream processing.

🍕If you could give us 1-3 main takeaways for your upcoming talk, what would they be?


  • 🍅 How to write a real-time application?
  • 🧀 How to deploy machine learning in real time?
  • 🫑 How to process 1 billion events per second?

🍕Are there any specific tools, technologies, or frameworks that you will be discussing in your talk?


  • Hazelcast
  • Kafka
  • SQL
  • ML/AI

🍕What kind of audience engagement do you prefer, if any?

Fawaz: All questions are welcome during or after the talk. Don't be shy, fire away and ask about your use case!

🍕Are there any “teasers” you could give us?

Fawaz: Do you know or want to know how mobile delivery applications work? Join to learn how for a pizza delivery system!

We, of course, encourage you to meet Fawaz up close and personal at the upcoming NorDevCon 2024, but if fate has it otherwise, you can also get in touch with him via LinkedIn.

If you haven't already, you can, of course, get the tickets to see Fawaz and other speakers at our Conference.

Thanks, Mez, Alex, Ida, & The nor(DEV):con Team