Meet One Of Our Speakers: Ricardo Sueiras

by Idalia Kulik, on 15 January 2024

One of the very noteable things about Ricardo, is that he will be giving not one, but two presentations at NorDevCon2024 (woo-hoo)! Let’s see if we can’t shed some extra (lime)light on things before our main event!

Should you check out our website(actually, please do), you will see more in-depth descriptions of both of the upcoming talks: "How to automate your data pipelines with Apache Airflow" & "Cedar, next generation Authz for your applications" that should already clue you in without giving too much away...


Because we're the kind of tech geeks who love diving deep into things (maybe a bit too much!), we've decided to dig even further into the topics at hand...

So we have e-cornered Ricardo in hopes of him spilling some tea (hopefully, not on the keyboard!) on the upcoming talks:

What inspired you to choose this particular topic for your talk?

Ricardo: These are very popular and active open source technologies that developers continue to be interested in. I love how open source projects work back from real problems that developers have, and these are two great examples.

Who would find your talk useful?

Ricardo: Developers and data engineers will find these talks interesting. Also, The Airflow talk will benefit anyone who just wants to know how to get started - a lot of developers have heard about it but that is where it stops. This session will actually provide a hands-on look at how you can get started as I will be live coding (so pray for me!). The Cedar session is all about a new project that helps developers with a task that has remained hard since I started in tech - authorisation. This library allows you to separate your authorisation logic from your business logic, so I think that this is something that every developer should learn more about. No more rolling our own solution.

If you could give us 1-3 main takeaways for your upcoming talk, what would they be?


  1. How these open source projects help you solve specific problems.
  2. The key architectural concepts that you need to know, so you can apply these for your own use cases.
  3. Sample code that you can use as a starter for your own projects.

Will there be any specific tools, technologies or frameworks that you will be talking about?

Ricardo: Apache Airflow and Cedar.

Are there any “teasers” you could give us?

Ricardo: The live coding aspect of the talk has got to be the most exciting (and nerve wracking!)

Finally, Anything else you would like to share with our community prior to the conference, and your talk?

Ricardo: Yes, I will share these within the presentation as I am still working on them!

We, of course, encourage you to meet Ricardo up close and personal at the upcoming NorDevCon 2024, but if fate has it otherwise, you can also check out his work and get in touch with him via his LinkedIn.

If you haven't already, you can, of course, get the tickets to see Kire and other speakers here.

Thanks, Mez, Alex, Ida, & The nor(DEV):con Team