Meet One Of Our Speakers: Jake Saterlay

by Idalia Kulik, on 15 January 2024

Out of all the talks lined up for NorDevCon2024, Jake’s take on things will be further away from the tech itself, and closer to the human experience of it all. For those wanting to take a breather from the more info-heavy side of things, or those who simply want to connect on an emotional level, this may be just the right kind of talk:

"A career in software development has countless highs, but the lows are tricky to deal with. Many tech companies are making software developers redundant due to difficult times we are currently in. I’ve been made redundant multiple times over my career so far, and I’d like to talk about how I’ve dealt with it with the help of a fantastic community, how you can use your time effectively and ultimately how to stay one step ahead and learn from what I’ve experienced."

If you are still eager to learn more, we were lucky enough to get some additional insight from Jake for your collective, and personal delight:

🌱 What inspired you to choose this particular topic for your talk?

Jake: Having been made redundant multiple times in my relatively short career, and having very contrasting experiences with it, I thought I could share some advice on my experiences as we see tech redundancies on the rise.

🌱 How would you say your talk would benefit the developers, or professionals in other fields?

Jake: I think it will benefit other software developers and programmers by reassuring that redundancy is not your fault, and giving advice on how to cope with it, should it happen to you. I think this talk would benefit software developers the most, but some advice could be applied to anybody.

🌱 If you could give us 1-3 main takeaways for your upcoming talk, what would they be?


  • Advice on how to be prepared for redundancy should it happen.
  • Advice on how to deal with a redundancy that has happened.

🌱 What kind of audience engagement do you prefer, if any?

Jake: I don't mind audience engagement, however I don't think it would be particularly relevant for this talk. I am happy to answer any questions after, of course.

🌱 Are there any “teasers” you could give us?

Jake: Showing how awesome the NorDev community was when I was made redundant.

We, of course, encourage you to meet Jake up close and personal at the upcoming NorDevCon 2024, but if fate has it otherwise, you can also get in touch with him via his LinkedIn.

If you haven't already, you can, of course, get the tickets to see Jake and other speakers here.

Thanks, Mez, Alex, Ida, & The nor(DEV):con Team