Meet One Of Our Speakers: Richard Bensley

by Idalia Kulik, on 6 January 2024

This may be one of the more technical talks, so if this is your direct area of expertise, you may find Richard’s presentation worth a listen. This is its summary:

When you absolutely, positively got to join every table in the cluster, accept no substitutes. Richard Bensley, a database contractor, talks about his journey in scaling a customer's MariaDB servers using modern sharding techniques.

That being said, we figured you may also like to get some additional input from the speaker himself (those of you familiar with the 1986 film “Short Circuit” would probably instantly think of the infamous “More input, Stephanie” line):

What inspired you to choose this particular topic for your talk?

Richard: I recently completed a project with a new customer.

How do you think your talk will benefit software developers and programmers?

Richard: Broad range from managers, developers, devops, admins, interns, as well as anywhere from juniors to seniors. Databases are a key role in any stack and can either be a help or a hindrance; it is difficult to mention all of the available options out there.

For the devs: There is a lot of database technology out there, I just want to share my experience with this technique so others can help decide if it is what they are looking for, or not!

If you could give us 1-3 main takeaways for your upcoming talk, what would they be?


  1. Exploring new options
  2. Dealing with growth
  3. Learning as a team

Will there be any specific tools, technologies or frameworks that you will be talking about?


  • MariaDB
  • ProxySQL
  • SQL
  • Spider
  • Linux

Are there any “teasers” you could give us?

Richard: Everything goes according to plan and everyone is happy. Easy Peasy!

We, of course, encourage you to meet Richard up close and personal at the upcoming NorDevCon 2024, but if fate has it otherwise, you can also get in touch with him via LinkedIn

If you haven't already, you can, of course, get the tickets to see Richard and the other speakers at our NorDevCon 2024.

Thanks, Mez, Alex, Ida, & The nor(DEV):con Team