Product Hunt Kitty comes to Norwich!

by Juliana Meyer, on 23 May 2022

_Norwich startup SupaPass launches on Product Hunt today, so this Kitty doesn’t need to lift a paw! _

Hey, I’m the Product Hunt Kitty. You may recognise me from the Golden Kitty Awards, won by innovators like Elon Musk.

I love prowling around hunting tech products and mice, and other fun stuff. I’m an influencer cat so I have lots of friends who like to hunt products too. Anyone can be a Hunter, but some Hunters have discovered thousands of disruptive products!

For example, Chris Messina is the #1 Hunter. You may know Chris as the guy that invented the Hashtag! He’s hunted over 3,000 amazing products, so 34,000 product hunters follow what he posts.

Today Chris has hunted SupaPass.

When I heard what they make, I had to have it! …so the team at SupaPass made me The Pawsome App!

Product_Hunt_Kitty_App_by_SupaPass giff

Now I’m stepping it up with my own website and app where you can find my favourite Product Hunt podcasts, Golden Kitty Awards, and other cat videos and pod-cats.

It’s purr-fect for writing comments - humans and cat paws welcome - in my Kitty community.

I now don't have to lift a paw because being a content creator is so much easier. I get to focus on what really matters to me: sleeping in the sun and eating fish.

Download my Pawsome App and come say hello to other kitties and product hunters that love this Kitty!

It was so easy to make that even my paws could get the App created and published to the App Stores within 24 hours, with the SupaPass Product!

It is purr-fect for me, and I wanted to know more about the SupaPass team, so I went hunting.

Product Kitty Hunting image

When I heard that SupaPass is from Norwich, I came down here to see what other cool tech the NorDev Community is making… I love prowling around new neighborhoods, meeting other cats, and hunting. So if there’s any products lurking here I’ve not seen yet, come join me on Product Hunt so I can share it with all my friends. Meows on the street tell me you can ask your friends at SupaPass who’ll be happy to share all the things they learnt preparing for their SupaPass Product Hunt Launch

Product Hunt is a curation of the best new products, every day. It’s the best place to discover new products, connect with makers, and keep up with the latest in tech that everyone's talking about.

As you may already know, every day new products compete for the coveted **#1 Product of the Day **badge. I’m heading over there now to check out today’s SupaPass Launch and give them my support. Come check out the Pawsome App they made for me!

SupaPass Product Hunt Launch: