DevelopHER Awards 2017

by lauren, on 30 November 2017

Keen to grow the East Anglian network, founder Vickie Allen held the third DevelopHER Awards in Cambridge this year. Hosted by the stunning Corn Exchange, there were pink and silver balloons hovering above every table and goody bags on every chair - the venue was ready for an amazing event.

There were nearly 200 nominations for the fifteen awards and all the winners were humbled when their names were announced, and more than a few were taken by surprise! Nikita Hari, winner of the Entrepreneur award, said she was flattered to be sharing the stage with such impressive women and Gabriela Garrido, who took home the Innovation award, hadn't prepared a speech she said, because she was sure she wouldn't win as the other nominees were of such a high caliber.

Tech Star winner Sylvia Lu, in her acceptance speech, said that results have no gender and Jenny Cham spoke of the possibility of 'having it all' when collecting her award for User Experience. The winner of the Inspiration award quite rightly also won the overall DevelopHER Award. Hazel Cottrell had been nominated by multiple people, in and outside of the industry. As a hard worker with Creative Content Company, she also volunteered with social causes and helped school children with their future careers. Collecting her awards clearly meant a lot to Hazel as she shed a few tears, both times.

Once again the DevelopHER Awards showed the valuable contribution that women make to the tech industry, and how that contribution is growing year on year.

Next years awards are due to take place on the 28th November in a venue yet to be announced, and if this years event is anything to go by it is sure to be inspirational (and very pink!)