Microsoft & The Guardian Join The 2016 NorDevCon Line Up

by paulgrenyer, on 16 January 2016

We thought you'd like to know that Microsoft and the Guardian have joined the NorDevCon 2016 line up!

Building applications using the Universal Windows Platform (Friday) Paul Foster (Microsoft)

Windows 10 introduces the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which further evolves the Windows Runtime model and brings it into the Windows 10 unified core. As part of the core, the UWP now provides a common app platform available on every device that runs Windows 10. With this evolution, apps that target the UWP can call not only the WinRT APIs that are common to all devices, but also APIs (including Win32 and .NET APIs) that are specific to the device family the app is running on. The UWP provides a guaranteed core API layer across devices. In this demo rich session, we will have some fun exploring how to build an application to run across several device families.

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Deep Impact – Agile and Analytics at the Guardian (Saturday) Dominic Kendrick (The Guardian)

The talk will showcase the improvements and benefits that come from putting data analysis and measurement at the heart of your agile processes.

I will talk about the techniques we have used on various projects across The Guardian to help us save money and improve the impact of the work we deliver, and explain how you can use these to get all aspects of your business thinking hard about what features and projects they want to deliver.

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