NorDevCon 2016: Bigger and better than ever before!

by paulgrenyer, on 20 December 2015

NorDevCon 2016 is bigger and better than ever before and here is why…

Thursday 25th February 2016

We have some amazing pre-conference workshops for you to participate to get you in the mood for Nor(DEV):con on the 26th.An Exploration of Symbiotic Design Practicefrom Michael Feathers,Taste of Chef on Azurefrom andAndroid workshop: From Zero to Herodelivered by Paul Lammertsma.

Afterwards there is even more nor(DEV):con appetizers in the form of Letitia Fearon’s "Observe, assume and experimentand", Ashwini Laxminarayana Fun & Games with Git & Jenkins - who will be giving us apre-conference special each - at the King's Centre which kicks off at the earlier time of 5.30pm and is followed by our pre-conference dinner which this year will be held at theLibrary Restaurant. To attend the pre-conference special and the dinner please RSVP

Friday 26th February 2016

We’ve Keynotes from the fantastic Michael Featherswho is coming all the way from Florida to open with Feature Orthogonality and Health In Large Code Bases for us and we’ve got the wonderful Jon Jaggerto close the Friday of the conference with Pair Programming.

We have TechStars' Jon Bradford talking abou tSilicon Broad: Bridges not Valleys, Rainbird’s Dom Davis telling us how to Fake it until you make it, Lisa Price asking us Are you a code Monkey or Agile Junkie? and of course, nor(DEV):con wouldn’t be complete without Jon Skeetwho will be telling us all about the Changing state of immutability in C#.

With all of this as well as workshops on the day from RedHat, Letitia and Neon Tribe, technical sessions from Pete Goodliffe, James Taylor and Darren Cook. Agile Sessions from Seb Rose, Christos Matskas and Unruly'sRachel Davis and Lewis Moore and business sessions from Ermine Amies, James Tarling and Matthew Draycott plus many more.

In the lunch break there will be a buffet and we’ll be having a bit of fun by having a tech version of Radio 4’s Just a Minute hosted by Huw Sayer.

As always there is a wine reception sponsored by the Wine and Business Club that follows the conference closing keynote and this has already sold out, but there is also a conference dinner at the King's Centre where you can talk to your favourite speakers and have a few glasses of wine and a 3 course meal all for £35.

Saturday 27th February 2016

Richard Astbury will be opening with his keynote on The State of Art which will be a great start for our first Saturday Nor(DEV):con. Dom Davis will be back for us with Agile Smagile as will Paul Lammertsma with his Android session on Wears the Party, we have Tjelvar Olsson Saving the World One Image at a Time and a Machine Learning workshop given by Burkhard Kloss.

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